National Football League is around the corner and whats in store for the season.

The National Football league is just a few days away and there is a lot in store for us. The biggest surprise for most of the NFL is that Ezekiel Elliott getting suspended getting suspended for 6 games but is waiting approval on whether it would stand or not. If it does stand, will the Cowboys be fine without Ezekiel Elliott, Dak Prescott says they will be fine without Ezekiel Elliott. Next, who is most likely going to be an upset in the playoffs. Everyone knows that the Raiders and a horrible ending to their season with their season star quarterback (Derek Carr) and their second string quarterback got injured which left them with their third string quarterback when they started the playoffs. Now Dereck Carr is healthy and with a good backup quarterback in E.J. Manuel, they should have a great season. Oh right, don’t forget Beast mode (Marshawn Lynch) coming out of retirement to play for the raiders and a lethal offense, they should score a lot of points this year. A lot more is in store for us in the NFL, who else is going to be an upset in playoffs, let me know.


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