Major League Baseball is closer than ever

The MLB playoff race is one of the closest races yet. With 1 month left, wins are very critical for playoff spots. In the American League, the Yankees are in the first wildcard with the Twin taking the second wildcard spot. Hold on a minute, the Angels are only a half a game behind and the Orioles are only a game behind. So every win in the American League wildcard is very critical. Than in the National League, the Diamondbacks are in that first wildcard spot but they are most likely going to keep it since they are winning 13 in a row at the moment, than the Rockies have the second wildcard spot, but they are most likely going to lose as they have the Dodgers next on their schedule, the good thing for the Rockies is that the Dodgers have lost there last 6 and are 1-9 in their last 10. But if they lost two games, they might give the Cardinals the second wildcard spots since there 2 games behind. A lot is on the line, who will make the playoffs and who will not? Let me hear your predictions in the comments.


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