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Welcome Readers from around the world, I am Adrian who is a student in HMS. I will be telling you guys news in the four major League Sports in the USA and maybe some soccer in the Premier League. I hope you guys enjoy my Blog.



Kessel Family having Great Years.

Phil & Amanda have had great years in hockey. Let me show you there achievements.

Amanda: Olympic Gold In 2018 and and World Championship in 2017

Phil: Back to Back Stanley Cups.


Amanda and Phil have been getting trophies left and right. Amanda winning all her trophies with Team USA and Phil winning them with the Pittsburgh Penguins. They both have been a huge part in those trophies wins for there team and they seem like there not going to stop going on a tear. Only time will tell if it does continue.

Why I Hate The NBA.

NBA, NBA, NBA. You guys may be popular but I don’t see the reason why you are. The NBA’s playoffs are just the worst out of the the 4 major sports leagues in the United States. Players decide to not help a horrible team and just join a good team such as Gordon Hayward going away from the Jazz to join the Celtics. Here are two reason why I hate the NBA.

1st Reason: How Predictable everything in that league is.

Warriors fans knew that they were getting Kevin Durant once they blew a 3-1 lead. Everyone knew that it was going to be the Cavs vs Warriors in the Finals in 2017. Why is it so predictable. NBA shouldn’t be predictable if players decide not to go to a good team to get a ring. NBA should have that March Madness feel or a NHL feel, not be so predictable. Why NHL feel, well who thought the 8th seed Nashville Predators would sweep the 1st seed Chicago Blackhawks and make it to the Stanley Cup Finals? They need that feel of  predictability. And from the looks of whats going on this year, seems like it’s going to be another predictable year.

2nd Reason: The pace of the game should be fast, not stop for a foul or stoppage of play than play than stop for a foul or stoppage of play. The only time this is entertaining is during the last two minutes. The game needs to be entertaining the whole game not the last two minutes.



Around The NHL (East)

Now for the East, the Metropolitan division continues to dominate the league with most teams at 60 points, the only team that isn’t there is the Ranger but there just 1 point out.  Well, they don’t have the best team in the league with the Tampa Bay Lightning which is in the Atlantic Division.

Ottawa Senators. You think they’re a good team after making a huge run to the conference finals last year. Well, they completely changed ever since that run. They have 47 points which is 3rd worst in the league. The Sens have star power with Erik Karlson and Matt Duchene. They just can’t find the defense for there team.

New York Islanders. They have the team to take it all the way. So why are they still 2nd worst in there division? Oh yea, goaltending. Thomas Greisis and Jaroslav Halak haven’t been great for there strong team. Tavares is helpping his team left and right and they have a youngster in Matthew Barzal. They just need a goalie to help them with there scoring skills.

I just don’t know which conference you would be in. It’s just to close, and no matter what, each game counts. Who will make the playoffs.



Around The NHL (West)

So, raise your hand if you counted the Sharks and Vegas out of the playoffs? Well there starting to prove you wrong. Ever since Marleau left the team, a lot of people counted them out of the playoffs with the surging Oilers and Kings. Well, the Oilers have been down ever since the start of the season, and they don’t seem like they’re putting enough effort in getting their selves back into a playoff spot still 15 points out of the Kings.

Now that we’re getting close to the Trade Deadline, the Sharks have been having a great amount of depth as their 1st round draft pick, Timo Meier has been on a scoring tear lately, while Logan Couture and Joe Pavelski continue to lead the team in Jumbo & Marleau’s absence.

Now for the Chicago Blackhawks, trying to get back the Finals, bringing back Brandon Sadd and Sharp hasn’t really paid off, being 10 points out of the last wild card spot and being dead last in the Central Division.

The West has some surprises left in right with Vegas on top of the conference and the Oilers and Blackhawks sitting close to the bottom of the conference. Hopefully, my Sharks can




Why A Little Education Is Good For The Long Run.

Education, education, education. Why is education so important? Every teacher that you met would most likely say that education is really important in the long run. Well, I have an opinion on this saying. I wouldn’t say that all education could be good for the long run, I would say at least a little of education would be good for the long run.

So what’s the reason why I say learning a little about education for the long run is good? Most people these day are very lazy on what they learn. Most people in 5th-12th grade choose to take a shortcut on what they read and just skim through the reading that they are forced to learn. Overall, if I had the choice to drop out, I would drop out at grade 7th. Why would I drop out at grade 7? Well, I think that everything that I learned from kindergarten through grade 6 is the only important parts of life. Youtubers that are really famous dropped out of school, such as W2S (wroetoshaw) dropping out of school at an age of 17. You might say that he didn’t good grades, well he was an intelligent achieving A’s. He is ranked 101 in most subscribers on YouTube has over 11 million subscribers.
I always hated school once I got into middle school. I know I can take it on its just that it seems like I have so much expectation I need to conquer. With all of this expectation, it could just leave you with sadness for the rest of your life if you didn’t reach it. That’s the problem I see with myself.

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Everyone can make successful companies with a master or without it. And I know someone out there in this world that drop out of school before the middle school can make a company that will be successful. And they just used the basic tools they learned in elementary school to do it. Everything we learn in math in elementary such as adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, measuring and shapes will probably be the only thing that we will use frequently, unlike huge problems that include random variables that we learned in Middle School. And ELA that we learned in elementary such as how to spell or make a sentence and making paragraphs would be the only thing we used frequently.

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Overall, this is just my opinion but I really think education should be the key to our success because everyone has a talent that no one has that could change the world.

This was my blog post on TeachingTitans.com .


How We Should Really See The World.

Most humans do the same thing, every single day. Wake-up, go to work, come home eat, sleep. The problem with this, I don’t think this should be the way we live the world.

The world can be better place, if we don’t be selfish, every single day. There’s always that one person who buys fast food everyday for them selves. Not buying food for the homeless, sick. See every homeless person in the streets makes me want to cry.  Every body these days spend to much money on technology, every school in the United States has technology in some way. Parents that work should have technology at the work.

The money that we spent for technology from a family can just put a homeless person in an apartment where they belong. Not out on the streets. They should be working.

As most of you know, USA and N.K. have a huge conflict of each other. They both have ballistic missiles that can kill every person in the world. Well the money put into the missiles that both them keep making can just give everybody that is starving, or for those that have trouble paying for their medical  bills.

The world  can be a better place without all of this conflict, we should always love the person next to you because you never know what might happen, they might just be the one that saves you from dying.

And always remember this, Every person on this world has a strength, that can help us save the world. We just need to use.

My Predictions For The Super Bowl

Overall, I really just hate the Patriots. Hate, Hate, Hate. Sure they might’ve won against the Seahawks who are the Niners (My Favorite Team) rivals. The problem is, how many Superbowl they have been to ever since 2000. I mean like come on, too many Super Bowl.

Anyways enough of my rioting, here’s my prediction.

I overall think the Patriots are going to win, 21-31.

The reason why I say this, the Eagles are just not the team that I think is capable to beat the Patriots. I just can see how they can stop Tom Brady and the Offense. And offense can’t always score during pressure moments. That why I say the Patriots would win this game by 10 points.

Hopefully, my prediction is wrong and the Eagles win. 😉