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Welcome Readers from around the world, I am Adrian who is a student in HMS. I will be telling you guys news in the four major League Sports in the USA and maybe some soccer in the Premier League. I hope you guys enjoy my Blog.



Whats wrong with the Ottawa Senators

What is wrong with the Senators? The Sens lost 8 games in regulation and 1 in overtime just only winning 1 game in there last 10 games.

“To be honest with you, it’s not something that I’ve really thought of. I don’t really know why I spoke out about it. It’s not something that’s been on my mind. I love it here in Ottawa, it’s never, ever crossed my mind that I ever want to leave here or go somewhere else. That’s not something I’ve ever considered. That they spun it that way, that’s the way it is.

I’m happy where I am. It’s not something I try and focus on. I try and do my job right now. When that time comes, that’s something that we’re going to deal with. And, again, it’s a business, it’s a two-way street. I’m happy where I am and I hope that they’re happy where I’m at. And again, it’s a two-way street. So, I’m going to do my part, and I’m sure they’re going to do theirs. It’s not something – leaving – that I’ve ever considered.” say Erik Karlsson.

Will Karlsonn turn his team around or are they going to continue to go downhill?

Eagle’s Win came with some cost

Eagle’s have clinch the NFC West with a win over the L.A. Rams but it came with cost. The Eagle only lost 2 game this year but the thing is that their leader for all these wins is Carson Wentz. Carson went down in the third quarter tearing his ACL. He was replaced with Nick Foles for the Remainder of the game. The Eagle are confident in Nick but Eagle’s fans are putting concern on Carson’s injury. Will the Eagle make it far in the playoffs with Nick Foles or are they going to exit right away. Only time will tell.

AFC West having a tight race.

AFC West has three team that have the same record (6-6) which is going to make a critical 4 game stretch for a the division and a playoff spot. The three teams that are tied are the Kansas Chiefs, Los Angeles Chargers, and the Oakland Raiders.

So the Kansas Chiefs started off the season very hot winning their first five games. Eventually, they start going down as they lost their last four games. So will the chiefs get out of the slump and win their next four game?

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Chargers having been great winning their last three game by scoring 101 points in those games. So they have a good amount of momentum heading into the last four games, but will they win them?

Last but not least, the Oakland Raiders, the Oakland Raiders have won their last two games but only by a touchdown. They are still a tough team to handle, but will they be able to score enough points in the last four games.

Michael Crabtree and Aqib Talib

On 11/26/17, Michael Crabtree and Aqib Talib got into a scram during the Raiders-Broncos football game. So what sparked this brawl between these two players. Well the year before, the last game in the 2016-2017 NFL season, the Raiders played the Broncos. Well these two had an incident where Aqib ripped apart Crabtree’s necklace after one of the plays. So basically, Crabtree just wanted to get his vengeance against Talib. As a result of the fighting, both players were suspended for two games but with no fine.

Edmonton Oilers Struggling keeping up with predictions.

Oilers have been a promising team ever since Connor Mcdavid made an impact last year. Ever since that hype with the Oilers, they haven’t shown any promise since last year in the playoffs. They struggled as they continue to lose to some okay teams. Oilers are still looking for a spark as they are the fourth worst team in the NHL as we speak. How they going to turn this around or is it going to be another 10 year playoff drought.

Boston Celitcs on a 16 game winning streak

Ever since losing their first two games against the Cavaliers and Bucks, The Celtics have been red hot. The Celtics have won 16 in a row even beating the defending champs, the Golden State Warriors ending their 7 game winning streak. The Celtics can be a contender with the Cavs, even they can be in the finals with the Warriors. And all of this is happening without Gordan Hayward. Only time will tell.